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Most Comfortable Gun in the World!, The

Maybe it's only the most comfortable to me, but damn is this gun feel oooooh sooooo right in my hands.

And the pump stroke. Wow. I thought the intimidators were an improvement on the sheridan pump stroke. But the scratch built viper is soooo freaking smooth. It's like night and day. No wonder Vipers usually have their own built in return spring.

Stock class Viper - RTP goodness through and through.
Rick, I want to publicly apologize for all the trouble I always put you through. Thank you for everything man!
And the additional work and parts added to this build:
Flory pball - reversable cramNjam stock class feed, w/ RTP styling.
BOS - ccm/kt pump handle w/12g retention
CCM - 86* T2 trigger frame
Pillage - Rose extra thick 86 grips

Some of the things Rick did for this build:
-custom T2 length rva
-10" tight bore barrel
-lower drop out valve tube, extends past the barrel
-offset feed
-made the ccm trigger so freaking snappy, it has barely any travel

And with the reversible feed and a punisher graphite stock:

Merry Christmas to ME!

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