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resurecting an old abused rental 98 - alot of pics

well, i finally got out of the house today - which was nice , because due to this injury i dont get out much - anyways i was at a local paintball store to get some 90 macro fittings and line for the mag project and saw this old, abused, and well tortured rental 98 CUSTOM hanging on thier wall. it was marked 45 bux ....i have a weakness for 98's ..... thier tech said it shot money ( yea right) and just needed a good home . .. i never even bothered to air it up and try it - once i had it in my hand i felt its age, and abused state , and it just screamed out abused ...the more i looked at it the more i felt sorry for it .it has obviously had a very hard life. so needless to say i grabed it off the wall and brought it home .... it came with a stock barrel that was so trashed i actually tossed it in the trash - it looked like someone jammed a stick down it to clear it at some point - many deep scratches down the lenght and the tip was mauled and out of round... it also came with a safety that didnt work and no trigger guard at all. the feedneck pins were siezed into the body and the feedneck wouldnt move at all - so i had to force the feedneck down and off and punch out the pins - wasnt easy

** this will be a kind of build thread with alot of pictures

this is probly the most abused one ive had - so i figured id start with stripping the body and go from there .once i got inside it looked well used but had obviously had some parts replaced...( most likely to get it where they could sell it as working).... this will definatly need a new power tube - cracked- and a new sear - major wear - also a proper trigger spring - this looks like a pen spring- ..

inside shots.....

its hard to see in the photos- but the power tube is majorly cracked

-i cant figure out what this junk is - or why its here


** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

my feedback :

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