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Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
..I have to agree with the crowd however, jumping into the underbore market right now and only going down to .681 is about 2 years behind the curve. I mean even Planet Eclipse is doing that now.
I'de say that depends entirely on the size of the paint you normally shoot and how much you like to underbore. Personally I like a slight underbore - which puts .681 suitable for .682-.685

Ive been pumping a sniper II steady since maybe 1994 and Ive been running a wedgited .682 kaner for just about all rps and procaps paint since 2005... no rollouts. not one. a few barrel breaks in that time - normally when it was raining. So I think .681 will be suitable for most paint. I don't think drg's design specs are behind the times - more like targeted at "if you could have only one barrel for your sniper - what would it be" market based on delivering the most common paint he shoots.

I'm sure there are a few guys out there who like the sub .679 bore barrels. I tried out one caribou's .678 lurker v2 in a head to head comparison to my .682 kaner and found the lurker's velocity slower on average, more erratic, the groupings larger and less predictable, and the shots louder.

Ive also tried smart parts AA & DW w/ .679 inserts. not even in the same league IMO. I keep a large bore otp w/ .679 back in my bag for those days when the paintman delivers eggs. When all else fails large bore works.

IMO*, **:
for most paint : kaner > otp > luker > DYE UL > DW > AA > mofo
for eggs : .679 largebore otp > all

I'm curious where this new lady will land in the mix.

note: *I would love a 12" PPS wedgited .685 dual spiral barrel .. but $$$. ** Ive alway been curious about the brass inserts... just never found the chance to test drive.
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