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Phantom Rifle Trigger Groups Version 2

I've got another version of the Phantom rifle trigger groups up for sale. There are currently 4 available and the price will be $95 + S/H, if you live where small USPS flat rate boxes can reach you the S/H price will be $5 even.

The trigger housings are machined aluminum with the trigger and sear being machined from steel.The triggers are fully adjustable, the rearward and forward travel of the trigger can be adjusted as well as the connecting rod length between the sear and trigger. The triggers will come with all hardware necessary to attach them to a phantom (10-32 and 8-32 screws). The trigger group is drilled and tapped for a 10-32 screw which can be used when mounting your phantom in a stock. The finish on all materials is raw.

Triggers may require some tuning upon delivery but trigger pull is on par with a stock phantom. Once properly tuned, triggers are capable of auto triggering as well.

PM me if interested


Example of Trigger Group on a phantom

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