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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
So let me wrap my head around this. I thought I read some where this is harder to scratch than anodizing. Is that true? I'm very interested but the thought of chipping paint on the gun kinda scares me. Feyd............

Yes that is true. Also, Cerakote will not flake or chip off of the part i can guarantee that. We can coat a piece of metal and bend it 180* and the coating will be unaffected! If the coating ever has delamination issues where it turns loose from the part it was due to application error and we will fix it free of charge. To this date we have never had any part returned. Most of the time if the coating is damaged the underlying material will also be damaged as well. Cerakote is hands down the most durable coating you can get for your marker and at the same time it is so thin that it will not effect the tolerances of the marker!
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