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Brass and Wood Fan
ok...... alotta parts came in today for this bad boy .....
- new bolt and power tube ( red metal)
- 2 parts kits
- new connecting rod
- vertical adapter and expansion set up
- re-built valve
- RT set up
- ect.....

- still waiting on the stainless steel bolt set
- rocket cock
- cp asa
- zero kick hammer
- clear feedneck
- freak back

first was this vertical adapter and expansion chamber set up thanks to a member here

came looking like this -

- used the citrus stripper and this was result

-then hit it with the polish

power tube set came - came with a new white delrin bolt - quickly assembled them and set them into the body half to see how it all will look - cause im impatient , LOL!-


** NOW

- the next step i think will be to drill the hole for the RT - it didnt come with instructions so im gonna have to step up in drill bit size till i get it to go thru i guess ?

- then i guess i need to make a decision on the rufus dog center feed idea...... opinions ? good - bad - ugly? any benefit to adding it if i am keeping it mech ??

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

my feedback :

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