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FS - Smart Parts On/Off Co2 Tank Valves w/ Anti-Siphons

#1) No Trades -=- No Trades -=- No Trades -=- No Trades
#2) PayPal Only, Shipping to Confirmed / Verified Addresses
#3) Prices Do not include Shipping, Insurance etc.
#4) Don't Be a Wanker
#5) If you have a question feel free to post it or PM me
#6) Not real keen on shipping to Canada or non contiguous USA
#7) If you have an issue with the pricing keep it to PM's, REASONABLE offers are welcome.
#8) Thank you for looking

Ok I have Smart Parts On/Off tank valves w/ installed Anti Siphons, I have 1 Siphon tube in my box if someone needs one installed/swapped

They all have new o-rings in the On/Off, most have new tank o-rings and the Bottle/Valve o-ring was replaced as need. The ONLY one that has any issues if the #3, the roll pin the keeps the knob from spinning 360* is broken off flush. On/Off Still works, you just have to mind where the mark is.

$23 Shipped ea
$19 Shipped for #3


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