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With the release of 7.1 I've been mostly making my way down the French tree. They sure are... different. I've got both tier 4 tanks right now, and will shortly be moving up to the 12t.

The light tree hasn't been too bad, with the AMX40 being fairly decent tank once you get the best gun. The heavy tree has been mostly bad, filled with very slow tanks with bad guns, and questionable armor. The B1 does ok when it's at the top of the match, but is completely useless against tanks that are even just one tier above it.

My biggest fear in any of my current French tanks has been the Marder II, and other TDs. Most other tanks at or below tier 4 have trouble doing damage to either the B1 or the AMX40. I also try to avoid any direct solo confrontations with other French tanks of equal tier since that usually turns into an exercise in frustration and luck as you both try to damage each other but can't do so consistently.

The Tetrarch has been a fun little tank to terrorize tier 2 fights. Though it is kind of scary when you get lit up by an autocannon and every single shot does critical damage. I've decided to keep this tank since it can be a lot of care-free fun.

I sold my T-127 since it isn't very effective against French armor. I also sold my T-50-2 since it was a big money sink that wasn't as much fun as the T-50. I've picked up the Hetzer again since it can be a little terror especially against those heavily armored Frenchies.

I haven't been doing much in my high tier tanks. Since I expect to be spending a lot of cr on all the new French tanks as I move down that tree, I want to have a steady positive cr income, and the big boys can't guaranty that.
I have the Perishing researched, but don't have the cr to buy it, and don't expect to have it for a while. I also got the OBJ704 researched, but don't have the cr for it either. The OBJ will take priority over the Perishing once I have the cr available.

I've been having a lot of good battles in my vk3001p now that it's fully upgraded. I still need another 20k xp to get the Tiger(p), but that tank is way down the line when it comes to purchasing priority so I'm in no hurry to get there. I will likely keep the 3001p as a money maker once I have it fully researched.

I'm glad that the Christmas holidays are finally over, and the kids are going back to school. The past couple of weeks have been very frustrating for me since I was getting one bad team after another. Got to the point where I started to seriously consider leaving the game for a while as it just wasn't fun playing with a bunch of lemmings. But now that school is back I've noticed that the general team IQ has picked up again, and I'm having fewer frustrating games, and more fun games.

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