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I can make it to Jungle 2/12/12 I believe - bit farther drive but nbd

what about a private game 1/28 =P

3/18 is a tourney event so to do that one we would need to form teams - COULD be up for it but not sure how much you would enjoy it without focused practicing for it also /shrug

3/17 sounds fun but its a SUPER far drive for me lol - would depend on who is going and what kind of carpool situation could be done =P Thing is SPEW II and Blitz would likely be mutually exclusive as SPEW II is the whole weekend I believe

I know from our crew that James and Garrett are hoping for a Saturday game sometime soonish if it can be done (they have Sunday commitments) Suma is generally open and Dan has been working like a dawg. Taminator 2k depends on if there is anything else going on as his schedule is hit and miss lol hobbies hobbies hobbies =)

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