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Originally Posted by Paul@Cousins View Post
Running unregulated 12 grams wont destroy the internals? - Hell no! Remember back in the day there was no regulated air.
A powerfeed body do the holes need to be modified at all? Nope, not really. I believe they were 10/32 pitch, so just get the appropriate length screw and attach using the front hole in the phantom feed adapter.
Is the feed held on by 1 or 2 screws? The phantom feed only has one hole, but I ghetto rigged a set screw for the 2nd (rear) powerfeed hole to prevent too much twisting (torqueing) when reloading.
What about the pre 99 snipers allows this to work better? In a word devolumizing; see discussion here: Snipers on 12 grams / CO2 discussion
Good luck
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