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Thinking about putting my KP on Ebay

I'm at least the third owner of this thing, and it's been kind of bubba'd up over the years, but I've also sent it to Palmer's Pursuit for a tune-and-polish, it shoots well, and I'm thinking it deserves to be back out on the field, not in my garage.

I'm thinking about putting it up on Ebay, or selling it here, but I'm not sure what a good asking price would be/ what I could roughly expect to get from ebay...

any advice?

It currently has a leak down the barrel, but it fires. The wood is in good shape, the hoses don't leak, and the BB the original owner got shot with is still embedded in the stock (left hand side, near the back)

I have more photos, these are just to give an idea of the gun's state of being.

This looks like a plug epoxied in place to seal up an unwanted air fitting hole.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me...
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