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Well I got back home about two hours ago from playing at Jaegers tonight. Overall I had a good time and I was able to get some solid time in with the Promaster before handing it off to my b-i-l since his G4 had an issue with the macro line fitting. Most of the guys playing were just your casual player, not looking to win some tournement. However, I was a little disappointed in one particular player that had he not gone to play on the speedball field, I would have packed up and left early. It seemed like he had his gun on ramping or at the very least was walking the trigger way too fast for the people that came to play tonight. With the exception of my F8 and the Promaster, everyone else besides a couple of other guys were just playing with Tippmanns or Spyders. Completely unprofessional and I do not feel bad about ganging up on him with my b-i-l after two rounds of getting lit up. Oh well, he left us and we were able to kick out four more rounds that were extremely fun.
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