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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
Glad to hear you had fun, Phoenix, sorry I couldn't make it. There always seems to be one guy playing in the recball area that needs to tone it down... or get jumped on and smoked for all he's worth.
Don't worry about it, I usually can never make it when everyone else gets together. So why should it work the other way around.

I'm sure the guy was within limits of playing, but I swear it sounded like he was ramping...especially for the amount of paint that would come across. There was some other shady things that he did and that was the breaking point where my b-i-l asked for the Promaster and I switched to the F8 to make a point. It worked and that made me happy, however I think his style of play made a few other guys pack up and leave early.

Oh well, that is why I like our little outlaw ball get togethers. The only time tempers flare is when barrel covers are not put on before the gun is gassed up and even then so it is just a walk over and put it on for them to make a point.
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