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It seems that the people that don't have them hate them and the people that do have them love them. I remember when I first played against Lowes and KV-5s, didn't like them either but learned how to play against them. I think there are more Types because they are more fun to play than the big hunks. And there are more players to buy them now.
I don't hate Lowe's, in fact if I spent real $$$ on a tank I would buy a Lowe. I think I hate the 59 more so because of match maker. You never see six Lowe's on one team, or I never have, but I regularly see 4-6 59's on the opposing team when I run my T-44.
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I say to you with love in my heart... your a whore.
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i like the zipper... pullover's hurt when i take them off. I gel my hair everyday so when I pull it off it snags on my hair and hurts.
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