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Empire Sniper into a Autococker

Im the guy from CC

Here it is

Parts needed are
  1. WGP Autococker Front Block - Karnivor
  2. WGP Autococker Pump Arm - 2K5 Black Magic - Stainless
  3. WGP Autococker Mid Block Cocking Sled (Aluminum) - 05 Black Magic/Karnivor Mid Block - Black Will need to be filed or mill thinner by 1/32" (ore you can uses the stock PLASTIC Empior slead
  4. Shocktech Autococker Raw 45 Slider Frame Only if you do not want to dirll and tap a second frame hole
  5. Or a SystemX hinge frame with the ling tail drilled to fit the body.
  6. LPR, Ram, 3way of choice. Also a front block bolt if you want or you can use the original Empire one, it is a LPC also.

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