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Originally Posted by lancecst View Post
Honk, I will swing past my storage unit on the way home to tonight and look to see if I have a barrel. I'm pretty sure I have an old 1" OD stock barrel that you can have.

Stanchy, how are the CCI to AC adapters coming along. I saw the ones that RTR makes but I don't like the way they look and don't think it will looks good on my T2.
barrels are priority #1 unfortunatly

programming shouldnt be too hard, i already have the AC OD Thread program, its just the CCI ID Thread thats gonna take a little work (and im waiting on the ACME insert to arrive lol

before i setup the cnc lathe, i have 1 or 2 customer parts i need to knock out (ifit barrel tip and vert asa)

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