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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by russc View Post
If you're running CA, make sure you've got a CA valve stem, ie one without the piercing pin. They reduce the travel on the valve, so it's best to have the non-piercing stem with a gun like that.
I ran into that issue when I was trying to make the thing work with some really tiny paint. Had the main spring shimmed so much the piercing pin was jamming into the CA adapter and getting stuck. I ended up drilling the tip of the CA adapter a bit more open so the pierce pin can't bottom out.

Originally Posted by MrBig View Post
BigMatt will also drill and tap your rear plug for a RVA for a reasonable price.
Well, I could do that myself.

Though I'd prefer to keep the thing stock if possible and try to achieve playable velocity just through gas setup.

Really it's down to gas vs. liquid, and if gas then regulated vs. un-regulated.
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