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Birthday Party

Well, I can't sleep and I'm taking turns on Guitar Hero, and the forum isn't changing at 4:30am, so, I will make something happen?

This is kind of a rant, so, go ahead and ignore it and beat me if you so wish.

Well, there I am, sitting in the local paintball store (as usual) and Phil says "Hey, can you hep me ref on Friday?"
Being the outstanding young gentleman I am, I say yes.
Wow... 12 14 year olds that for the most part have never played paintball or been held responsible by their parents are a pain in the arse to ref. They had a big honesty issue. They would get shot in the mask, hopper, leg, arm, etc. and just keep playing. And when I would pull them from the game, some would throw a fit. The biggest problem was getting them to use their barrel covers and keeping their masks on.
Once, in the staging area, I hear 'PAK', i turn around and bark at the kid, he says 'But I had the safety on!'.... yea, right.
Another issue was the little punks would (once eliminated, we had little spots for them to stand and spectate) try to tell their teamates still in where the opposing players were. Three times I had to send them to the staging area after countless times of barking at them.

Now, the highlight was me getting to tell a kid that his new JT electro-sear'd BB isn't working because his sear was worn down and to RMA it (Yeah, like he understood that).
And, the birthday boy's father, Dave, he was an outstanding player, the best and most behaved person on the field.

Ok, my tired and most likely incomprehensive rant is over, please excuse any errors.

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