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The Official; Avratech R7 First Run Localities...


This will be an on going list which will help locate the first 51 units built in the first run only!
I will do my best to keep it up to date, but... I'll need your help please

Since this thread's sole purpose is to be used as an on going data sheet to account the current whereabout/location of the R7 current owners, we must refrain from posting anything else other than that and nothing more.
So please be respectful and abide by that rule?
Thank you.


So with that said... Are you getting an Avratech R7? Good
What part of this planet will it be shipped to?

#1 Not near Jack ______________________ Harbinger[TG]
#2 Massachussets _______________________ Lancecst
#3 New Jersey ________________________ Crimson Death
#4 Connecticut ________________________ dgorman47
#5 Alabama __________________________ snaparen
#6 Vancouver, Canada _________________ Cuddles
#7 California __________________________ ironchef97
#8 Connecticut ________________________ mikeds80
#12 Pennsylvania ______________________ B.R.
#15 Upstate New York __________________ splat15k
#16 California _________________________ Demonio
#17 New York City _____________________ liverlip
#18 Vancouver, Canada _________________ Advocate420
#19 Ontario, Canada ___________________ pball-abe
#21 Colorado __________________________ Mayvic
#23 Ontario, Canada ___________________ DeeEight
#25 Ontario, Canada ____________________ CJOttawa
#26 Pennsylvania ______________________ Jackson
#27 Ohio _____________________________ senghing27
#29 California _________________________ Whee McGee
#30 Vancouver, Canada _________________ llaw999
#31 Illinois ____________________________ sniper97
#35 New Jersey ________________________ dm6rocker
#36 Oklahoma _________________________ Wildgoat
#38 Ontario, Canada ____________________ Rymzor
#39 Massachusetts ______________________ TheYoda
#42 Ontario, Canada ____________________ Stilgar
#44 Nova Scotia ________________________ Cruickid
#45 Nova Scotia ________________________ Mechwerx
#46 Puerto Rico ________________________ Spduca998
#47 California _________________________ dundadun
#49 Ontario, Canada ____________________ Agglet
#50 Vegas ____________________________ Sean Chip
#57 Massachusetts _____________________ splattttttt
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