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My Vintage Collection Pic Heavy

So i just thought i would show off some of my vintage paintball collection and see what you guys think.

First off is my jewel of the collection, it is 1 of 50 nelspots framed and it has an autographed patent drawing by james hale the inventor of the nelspot. it is in super mint condition and it has two plaques on both sides of the marker giving the history of paintball and other such things. i first saw this at PTI and it was given out to all the top paintball companys and people back in the day.

Next is the original nelspot paintballs, i have them in red, yellow and blue and some tubes contain unbroken paintballs.

Now on to my mint splatmaster, never fired still all the original tags and paper work. Also I have original splatballs, unbroken

I am waiting to get a hold of the original holster and co2 holder but i have two ammo pouches and an original patch

I also have the first two books written about paintball.

well i hope you all enjoy the pics, sorry they are not top quality pics i am sick right now and i wanted something to do and i thought showing you guys this stuff might be cool. let me know what you think please and if any one would like better pics of something please let me know
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