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Toads entry

Originally Posted by Toad View Post
Got my story done:

O'Conners and the breach squad

I throw my duffel bag into the back of my SUV and jump into the drivers seat. I turn the key and the SUV comes to life. I slowly pull out of my driveway and head towards downtown. It’s 6:30am and there is already a fair bit of traffic but not enough to slow my daily drive to work down. I pull into the underground parking garage after showing my ID to the man at the gate. I grab my duffel bag and walk towards the doors to enter my place of work. As I’m walking to the door I hear footsteps come rushing up to me from behind. I turn around to see my friend come up behind me.

“How have you been O’Conners?” My friend asks.
“Pretty good, but the weekend was boring. How ‘bout you Wayfield?”
“Good good, can’t complain to much”

We walk quickly towards the doors without saying a word. We scan our ID over the machine and I hear the automatic door unlock with a click. I push open the door open to reveal a room that looks a lot like airport security, it had a bag scanner and a full body scanner in the center of the room. When we enter an old security guard stands and motions for us to put our bags into the scanner and for Wayfield to step through the body scanner. He steps through without a problem and I follow behind with out any problems. We grab our bags and head through another set of doors into the main area. The main area had an open weight room and a big table with chairs around it. This was where I go five days a week as part of SWAT team. I check my watch; 6:58. I still have two minutes before I was on clock.

“Yo Wayfield, wanna hear a joke?” I ask.
“Sure, as long as it’s not dumb like all your others” he responds and flashes a quick smile.
“A Priest, a Rabbi, and Santa Claus walk into a bar.” I begin but only to be interrupted by Sarg.
“No time for jokes O’Conners, we have a call” Sarg quickly says while walking to the locker room.
“I’m not on the clock yet” I protest but I follow him to the lockers with Wayfield on my heels.

I spin the lock on my locker and it opens with a smooth click. I swing open the open my over sized locker door revealing all my tac gear. I put on my standard issued grey BDU’s and strap on my vest. I stuff my pockets with all the necessary gear. I grab my helmet and I head to my favorite room in the building, the weapons room. I unlock my weapons locker and grab my sidearm and my rifle that has been customized to my likings. I walk to the trucks beside Wayfield. He jumps into the driver’s seat and I sit in the passenger seat. While we wait for the other 5 guys to get ready I pull out my smart phone to read the missions briefing. We are headed to a bank robbery; the robbers have hostages but have yet to make demands. The robbers are 3 masked men armed with semi-automatic pistols. This doesn’t sound like a hard call to do. The rest of our members pile into the two trucks. We follow Sargs truck out of the parking lot with our sirens blaring and lights spinning.

We get to the bank in 10 minutes, not bad considering the traffic. We get out and approach the head cop. He gives us the brief run down of what is happening, nothing we don’t already know. We get into the command van and Tech sits down and pulls up the layout of the bank. Tech is the computer savvy one of the bunch, he can hack but is also can hold is own on a mission. Bruiser, the biggest guy on our team looks at the drawings and starts thinking of ways to breach the bank. Delta, the only female on our team also has the best shot and is the sniper on our team so she is looking for a good vantage point to provide support to Bruiser, Wayfield, Copper, Tech and myself. The five of us are the breaching team.

“Alright guys” he pauses and shoots a glance at Delta and says: “and girl”
“There is only one way to enter this building” he continues “and that is from the front”

The breaching team heads to the supply truck while Delta goes to set up her position. We all grab riot shields and sub machine guns. We all trade are mags out for the smaller caliber sub machine gun mags.

“Okay guys” Bruiser starts “We go in single file with me the front with my shield forward while you guys protect your sides with your shields”
We all nod.
“Sarge is going to fire in a flash bang ‘nade followed by a bunch of tear gas”
We all nod again and grab the gas masks.
“Tech protects the hostages, I will go for the guy on the right, O’Conners and Wayfield go for the one in the middle while Copper gets the one on the left.”
We all start to get ready.
“Couple more things guys, move predictably, Delta is watching. And, first sign of trouble take them down, he are going in hot”.

We all line up and get ready for the breach. I click off my safety and wait for Sarges signal. He gives us a nod and we start going, seconds later he fires off a flash bang out of the 6 round grenade launcher. It goes off with a bang and stuns the robbers. Sarg follows up with 5 canisters of tear gas. The robbers drop to the floor coughing and drop their guns. Tech ushers the hostages out and into police safety while Bruiser slams his shield into the first robber because he tired to get up. Bruiser then kicks him in the ribs and pins him down to handcuff him. While this is happening Copper takes down his man without a problem. Wayfield and I chase down the last robber who is sprinting for the bank vault. He gets to the bank vault that is also a dead-end. I take all my momentum and slam into him with my shield, he drops to the ground gasping for air.

After handing the robbers over to the police we head back to base. At base, we all shower and get cleaned up and begin to dread the painful process of de-briefing. We enter the conference room and take a seatt and open the folders that sit at our spots. We all start filling them out when Sarg walks into the room.

“Good work guys, all men taken down with no injuries” He says.
“Does that mean we get out of all this paperwork?” Tech asks with a grin.
“Actually, yes.” Sarg says.

We all scramble out of the room before Sarg changes his mind.

“O’Conners” Sarg says.
I stop and wait for the dreaded words that are to come.
“Stay here”
I turn and walk towards Sarg
“What did I do wrong, chief?” I ask.
“Nothing, I just want to hear that joke you were going to tell Wayfield”
“What joke?” I say as a flash a smile and walk away.
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