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O-RINGS FOR SALE - Standard, Metric, and Special Sizes!

7/21/18 update - After over 6years of selling orings on MCB, Iíve decided I need to call it quits and will be closing this thread. Life has just been super busy lately and Iíve not been as responsive to everyoneís requests as I should be these past few months. Thanks to all who have bought from me over the years. And Iíll see yíall out on the field.

Buy 1 OR 10,000!!! The price is the same per o-ring even for marker-specific rebuild kits.

10% off on any request for EXACT sizes

Standard Sizes - Buna-70 (standard hardness)
001-024, 028: $0.10/each
109-116, 118: $0.12/each

Standard Sizes - Buna-90: $0.12/each
All Sizes 003-019, 021, 105 and 109

Metric Sizes - Buna-70:
1x1.5mm, 1x2mm, 1x2.5mm, 1x3mm, 1.5x3mm, 1x3.5mm, 1.5x3.5mm, 1x4mm, 1x4.5mm, 1.5x4.5mm, 1x5mm, 1x6mm, 1x7mm, 1x8mm: $0.12/each
1x12mm 1x13mm, 1x14mm, 1x15mm, 1x18mm, 1x20mm, 2x13mm 2x14mm, 2x15mm, 2x16mm, 2x19mm, 2x20mm, : $0.15/each
1.5x20mm, 2x26mm: $0.18/each

Special Sizes - Buna-70:
46-224 (PPS Switch orings): $0.35/each or 8 for $2.00

BULK KITS AVAILABLE - (bulk kits DISCOUNTED at $0.02 off each o-ring)

Basic Kit (180 orings) includes:
1) 5x of standard sizes (001-024, 109-116) in Buna-70,
2) PLUS 20x 015 (tank orings) in Buna-90
$15.50 + shipping

Starter Kit (270 orings) includes:
1) Everything in the Basic Players Kit,
2) PLUS an extra 5x 010, 016, 017 & 018 in Buna-70,
3) PLUS 5x of the following metric sizes in Buna-70: 1x1.5, 1x2, 1x3, 1.5x3, 1x3.5, 1.5x3.5, 1x4, 1.5x4.5, 1x15, 1.5x20, 2x15, 2x16, 2x20, 2x26
$25.50 + shipping

Advanced Kit (435 orings) includes:
1) 5x of every standard size I carry (see above or PM for details) in both Buna-70 and Buna-90
2) PLUS 25x EXTRA 015 Buna-90s,
3) PLUS 5x of each metric size I carry (see above or PM for details) in Buna-70
$44.50 + shipping

Ultimate Kit (885 orings) includes:
1) 10x of every standard size I carry (see above or PM for details) in both Buna-70 and Buna-90
2) PLUS 40x EXTRA 015 Buna-90s,
3) PLUS 10x of each metric size I carry (see above or PM for details) in Buna-70
$88.00 + shipping

Marker-specific Rebuild Kits available
AGD: Automag Classic, Minimag, RT classic, RT Pro, X-valve
AKA: Sidewinder, 2-Liter, Excalibur, Viking, Merlin, Matrix, Timmy, Bushmaster
Azodin: Pump
Bob Long: 360 Reg, most generations Intimidator, G6R
CCM: Inline Reg, S5, S6, J2L, T2
CP: Inline Reg, on/off
CCI: Phantom, or RTR Gargoyle
Dye: DM series, NT series
FEP: Quest
ICD: Thundercat, Promaster, Puma, ProMaster
Kingman: Hammer pump, 2003 Spyders, MR1, (more to come)
Metadyne: Thumper
Planet Eclipse: EGO series, GEO series
PMI: Tank regulator
PPS: Blazer, Typhoon, Squall (more to come)
Smart Parts: Ion, Ion XE, EOS, Shocker SFT, Shocker NXT (besides manifold oring), (more to come)
Tiberius Arms: T8
Tippman: 68-special, 98-custom, X7, TPX (more to come)
WGP: Standard '00+ cocker rebuild, sniper rebuild
... something you don't see? Just ask!

Other Common O-ring sizes:
Tank O-ring: 015
Barrel O-rings: 016, 017, 018
Macro-line fittings: 010
Freak Back Internal O-rings: 018
Autococker 3-way o-rings: 003
Tippmann 98 bolt and Hammer: 015 and 019
Nelson Bolt Orings: 111, 112, 113
others to follow

TOTAL COST OF YOUR ORDER = (Cost of all o-rings) + (EXACT shipping cost) + $0.50*
*The extra $0.50 for each order is to cover my cost for shipping materials.

I will ship at least once a week (typically on Friday or Saturday). All shipments will be in a 4"x8" bubble envelop. The o-rings will be separated in 2"x4" baggies and will be labeled by size, 1 to 3 sizes per 2"x4" baggie, with sizes labeled on each baggie. The quickest way to get a quote is to PM me with the exact quantity that you want per size and I will get back w/ you quickly!

Thanks for looking!
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