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PPS Blazer info, maybe a change to VR?

So I called up PPS yesterday about a Blazer that I have. Now first off, I based what I thought that I knew from Vintage Rex, and it said that 1) Blazers were made from 94 on, and 2) that production numbers started at BZ 063. I have BZ 068. So after calling, and talking to Lorri (Is that how you spell her name?) I have some info that contradicts what you guys have on the VR page for Blazers. First off, Blazers were first made in 1992. Mine was made on March 28th, 1992. Second, that they started at BZ 001, and that Lorri has BZ 007, a regular production model. This would not only contradict the info on the page, it would also contradict the picture for the page that shows a Blazer and says that it is a prototype from 1994.

This would be worth checking out.
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