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Comprehensive High end SC gun comparison/review

Hey guys, This is something that I have wanted to do for some time but never did. I figure that I have owned enough stock class markers now that I can start this up. The idea of this thread is to help guide those interested in taking the "next step" in their stock class paintball career. That said I will only be reviewing those that are widely considered to be high end...

Please note that this thread will be consistently updated as I aquire new information and guns

So with that lets begin...
Carter machine boxgun:
If you would like to read a full review, go here:

A little backstory: This boxgun was my 1st high end stock class marker and I had it for many months. It Served me well.

-Good looking
-comfy round pump handle, this varies gun to gun
-comfy humpback frame
-nice sliding trigger, not as good as some others though.
-millet ironsites make aiming the marker easy
-pretty good pump stroke, not amazing when compared to some others but good.
-Well balanced
-Barrel kit
-Heavy, this can be good or bad but the gun if pretty damn heavy for its size...
-Very expensive, considerably more than many others
-Expensive replacement parts and barrel inserts
-Occasionally finicky, the boxgun has a recurring issue with binding on the pump stroke. Some have found solutions but for me they were not premenant.
-Customer service can be iffy(I have no problems but others have...)

Final thoughts: If you have alot of cash to spend and like the looks and design of the boxgun then it might be for you. It has its quirks but they can be worked around. I myself would pass on it if I were given the choice again, that is just my preference.

Next up, the RTR Gargoyle:

Backstory: I picked this up used here, it was in my hands for a few months and then I sold it.

-Low cost(compared to others)
-nice looking, but it it kinda looks like a phantom, a bit underwhelming to me.
-EXTREMELY user freindly! This gun has loads of features that make it easy to use and maintain.
-Tool less quick strip makes cleaning and maintainence almost fun!
-Great trigger, nice frame and trigger pull, one of the best I have felt
-phantom internals which make replacing parts a breeze!
-Great Customer Service
-Lack of sights, I wish it had a sight rail so one could mount an armson pro dot or something.
-Not that great of pump stroke. Maybe i am just spoiled but the pump stroke was lacking imo. This might be just mine though, I have felt stitches and his is real smooth.

Final thoughts: This gun is great, I miss it and I will likely buy another in the future. If you are looking for something that just works and is very user freindly, the gargoyle is great for you! It might not be as fancy looking as some of the others but it is a players gun, it is a joy to have on the field.

Next up is the Redux:
A full review can be found here:

Backstory: I wanted this thing forever but got tired of waiting for the new ones to finish(still not done...) so I got the boxgun instead. I then got this used about 8 months later, i have now sold it.

-Looks AWSOME, very cool indeed.
-feels nice in the hands, very solid.
-great pump stroke
-Millet iron sights
-compact ingrip co2 changer(very smooth)
-Bad efficiency, mine got 40 at first then I took it to the field and it got 20 at best. These are known for bad efficiency
-Pinches paint. This is the worst part of the gun. You have to do some funky cocking methods to avoid the pinching of paint
-Not user friendly in the least

Final thoughts:This gun is a show peice, cool design and great looks. If you are looking for a sweet looking gun that you can play with, this might be for you...If you are looking for a gun that works great and can be a go to gun, I would pass on the redux. For me it is just a pain to deal with on the field, it you have to really take your time when loading it or your game ends. I would pass on it if I were given another chance, its just not for me though some have been successfull with it.

Next up is the Carter Machine mini Buzzard

Backstory: I bought the orange and black gun used on mcb awhile ago and it has been my go to marker for many months. I love it so much I decided to buy a 2nd one(pink) in pistol form. The ones I own have the aluminum snub, this is how they come brand new now. The older ones had stainless snubs.

-Good looking(I say that for all my guns though)
-AMAZING pump stroke, comparable to ccm, the best I have felt to date
-AMAZING trigger pull, again, best I have ever felt
-Perfect wight, more heft than say a phantom but not to heavy
-User freindly, never had any issues with this one
-barrel kit
-Like with the boxgun, pricy internals and inserts
-I guess price is fairly high but it is considerably less than some of the others...

Final Thoughts: If you want a reliable, super smooth beast of a gun, I highly recommend the mini buzzard. It is a great shooter and my favorite gun to date. I love it so much I bought a 2nd one!

Well that is all for now, I will continue to update this thread as time passes.

Thanks for reading, I hope this can be an informative guide toward your next purchase

Guns that I plan on adding to the list are: retro 7, phantom with dukie grip frame, and some others... Leave suggestions for others you are interested in seeing.

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