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Originally Posted by Julien View Post
Why 2 alum bodied mini buzzards?

Trade me one of em for my SS bodied mini buzzard and you'll have the best of both worlds.

Also, I can attest to the fact that mini buzzards are easy to take apart and user friendly. It's just as simple as a phantom but you dont have to fight against the return spring and the vert ASA isn't held in by two dinky screws. Great design.

Lechooch can afford all these badass markers because he cooks meth and sells it to elementary school kids. amiright?
I like the aluminum ones, no need for a stainless.

Originally Posted by lucky duck View Post
Nice review Lechooch .I like to see other peoples opinions .Great work.

Originally Posted by worrptangl View Post
Well being that I'm the original owner of the orange/black mini buzzard I can attest to what was written. That gun is IMO the single finest gun that Earon has made!

I have also handled the pink one at Demonio's.

One the Gargoyle I agree with most of what he said. But I disagree with what he said about the pump stroke. It had to have been his. I have #23 and have played with Shadow's purple Garg, and both have pump strokes that rival a Carter.

On Lechooch's boxgun (currently with Jebus I believe) the pump issue he mentioned was due in part on the added ring that was normally milled with the pump handle itself. It didn't quite ever want to sit properly in the pump handle, and that cause some play and binding.

My boxgun that I traded for my current Gargoyle had some things that I didn't like. I was fortunate enough to be able to handle quite a few boxguns at Earon's. So I knew what I liked and what didn't. Overall I was extremely happy with my boxgun. it just wasn't MINE. I'm working on that though.
Yup, the buzzard is my favorite to date. The boxgun was cool, but I did not like it as much. The pump stroke on the garg is bot BAD per say. But it is not as smooth as the other guns I reviewed.
Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
....nice review! I am sure your spelling will improve before you turn 16!

I appreciate your honestly in the reviews! We need more reviews with just the facts! Nicely done! I will be giving you an "A-"!
Many people will not give an honest review of High cost markers. This is because of pride, you spend 1000+ on a gun and you don't want to admit that is has flaws or is not worth the cash...

Thanks for the feedback folks!
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