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My earlier post was written in a hurry, and I want to be a little more articulate with my response. Again, my vote is for #4.

Army figures are Iconic, everyone sees that and has a story of playing with those, plus it is an icon that loosely pertains to one of the target demographics. And unlike using another established icon, like say the McDonalds "M", or the Snickers logo (like a lot of skate companies do), your markets' focus doesn't turn from appreciating the novelty to wanting a Big Mac and a candy bar. Not to mention the legal aspects involved. I'd bet money this bad boy isn't copyrighted.

So here you have this little army bazooka guy that every man and tomboy will see and harken back to good 'ol childhood days; men and women who no longer wish to play with toys that can now see this familiar symbol as a reminder of their new adulthood hobby.

The only change I see that is necessary would be to loose the green and do the whole figure in an anodized color scheme. The toys were monochromatic, so no sense in trying to create detail with different colors. If that silhouette was a 2-D sticker in white, any one of us would know what it was right off the bat. Simply surround the figure with Bazooka Boy Customs like what's in the first submission, and you're good to go.

Imagine down the road making little key chain figurines in crazy ano patterns. Pimp! Who wouldn't want one and wonder where it came from?

Anyways, that all I have to say.
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