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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Chooch, nice thead idea. I will say you really gotta give these specialty markers more time to season. The Gargoyle for instance is one fine beast. It reminds of what markers were like in the late 80's and early 90's. From the Line SI Bushmaster to the Lapco Grey Ghost each marker must be given time to break in. Rodney built the Gargoyle to be a once in a lifetime marker so Rodney made it with very tight tolerances because after all tuning and break in are half the fun.

In my opinion today's generation is in too much of a hurry to hit the sweet spot yesterday. I suspect you will find yourself in 10 yrs wishing you had kept all the ones you have owned just to discover the sweet spot of each marker. Ahh but youth is wonderful amigo so enjoy it.

The box gun is THE smoothest pumping gun out of the box I have ever had the pleasure of owning. If I may suggest you find a good Old broken in CIP and you will freak on the buttery smoothness. Like many an MCB member has learned wanting is always much better than having, hence the term gun whore!

Again love the thread, looking forward to your next addition.
...I am impressed at the age of 15, lechooch is playing stock class with Carter Comps vs. the laser engraved, electro flavor of the month.

I briefly had a box gun and the pump would bind on the top piece. I pmed several members here before I purchased it and no one mentioned this was a problem. And one of the members I PM, later sold his box gun and said, "the pump binds/rubs". There are alot of reviews that only tell the good. Granted this is Lechooch's opinion, I think his reviews adds to our community.

I have never shot a redux, but multiple members have had problems with pinching balls...including CJ...maybe your redux is magical or you have figured it out...It seems that very few members hold onto their Redux very long.
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