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X7 Phenom Electro

This gun is for someone who has time to send it to tippman, or fix it themselves.
I think an O-Ring has burst somewhere, because It airs up, but will not fire.
Also, for some reason, the electro stopped working, and I have no clue why.
I can't bother to send it in and then sell it, so I I'm selling it for cheap.

The gun is firing. After lubing it the last the last time I used it, I forgot to turn the valve up far enough.

So, other than the electro not working,the gun is fully operational.

It comes with the following:
Killjoy double trigger
Venturi Bolt and spring
2 spare airlines
Techt quick strip bolts
Complete O-Ring set.
Techt aluminum QEV

Not pictured: set of squishy paddles


X7 by bigbadhenchman, on Flickr

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