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Cocker barrels, 20oz'er, Tipp 98 freak back, hoppers.

18inch cocker threaded Smart Parts All American barrel, black $30
12inch cocker threaded DYE excel barrel, black $25
20oz co2 tank will need hydro in one year $15
Stainless freak back for tippmann 98 $17.50
DYE stickys, blue with 1/4inch chunk missing (cheap) $7.50
Homebrew Whaler hopper $10
VL200 hopper $3
Homemade "barrel extension' for a 007 (just remove the barrel sleeve, slip this on, and tighten the set screws) Sold
K&P sterling rail for vert asa (uses mag vert asa, not included) Sold

I will get pictures soon of the two cocker barrels (they are on thier way to me).

Prices do not include shipping, post or pm what you are interested in and your zip code and I will give you a quote. Multiple item purchases will get a shipping price break.

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