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This was a nice eBay snag; $85 shipped for two valveless and thouroughly beaten upon PTP Micromags, valveless Classic Mag, a BooYaa and a bunch of extra PTP vertical adapters and old duckbills. Too bad the guy listed it so poorly

Anyway, the first job was to get the spraypaint off the body. It was easy, because the previous owner apparently started the job for me so that he could get a "fade" look... looks like hell, right? Anyway a few hours with a toothbrush and some nailpolish remover took care of it. I polished it down to get rid of all the nasty oxidation, then powdercoated it black. I'm not 100% happy with the final color, though, as I was trying to match my other "Sating Black" PTP MicroMags, and this one came out a bit gray. Then I threw on an old AA barrel, and bought a used RT Pro valve. The valve needed a full rebuild, but that was relatively easy with an AGD kit. Finally, I had the broken BooYaa frame, that with $15 worth of RadioShack parts became a 15bps ball slingin' machine I then added an old vertical adapter, and stripped an old "Dead-On" cocker reg to make it a gasthru.

I can tell it isn't the prettiest thing that will be listed, or the most massively re-done, but I think I've done a pretty damn good job and I'm glad that people will get the chance to see it in all its glory

I don't think I can wait 'til next year for the other spraypainted Micro :

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