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you mean silencer? yes, they work, but results will vary based on the marker you're putting it on. makes a big difference on my sl68-II, but i don't have a ported barrel to compare it to. on a pro-lite or similar blowback, not much different than a well-ported barrel (marker itself makes a lot of noise).

they're relatively simple to make. someone machined a really nice one here not too long ago. i don't think you'll get people to sell them though; you can't do that anymore (changed the law; they used to be legal in the 90's). i'm sure other people will chime in on legalities, or just google it yourself (or search forum; it comes up now and then).
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Barrels are like girls... Some people are just happy to have one that looks good. Or even one that everyone else likes. Other people want a tight, accurate bore to run their balls through.
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