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My first automag

Just picked this up through craigslist for $50. I've done my best to fix it up, there was a little rust that came right off with some automotive sandpaper. I've watched the old automag video and read the manual but it is a bit dated. Is the "rubber foamie" still used? Are there any other updates that have come out I should utilize?

I haven't actually been able to fire it yet, I'm waiting on a power tube o-ring to come in the mail.

A picture says a thousand words, and I know Ill probably get yelled at if I don't show anything - Even though its nothing special. Serial Number: CF06881

Also came with this Viewloader 90, a foam case and a 12oz co2 tank that was about 10 years out of hydro test. The hopper looks a lot smaller in person
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