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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
I hope the first part of your comment is a joke... Do you know what percentage of Jeep owners rock crawl their jeep? It's rare to even see jeep owners, who are INTO offroading, rock crawling.
It's less that they don't and more that they could. There's no reason for all Jeeps to be hardcore off-roaders. That's what literally every model besides the CJ and Wrangler are. It's like offering a package for a Ferrari that includes a light lift and BFG A/Ts.

It's not that I hate street-oriented Jeeps (I'd be all over a Grand Cherokee SRT-8 if I had the money), it's just that the Renegade does nothing to make it better at either off-road OR on-road performance and looks, IMO, really weird.

Plus, Renegades never sold well because the package was a $5000 option in the early '90s ($8200 in today's money). That's half the average selling price of a car from that period. (Average $16,000 for a new car then). That's a titload of money for the world's largest fender flares and some leather trim.
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