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Just got my 2nd pair in from alpha434 today. This time he provided the original Vents bottoms for me as well as his new thinner ear panels! My original set were the Vents Rage bottoms with his original size and color ears. The rage bottoms snapped in really quickly for me but the ear parts didn't seem to have enough holes for the ears. With some clever tweezers work I was able to attach them better. The outcome is on the left side.

The new ears matched with the old Vent bottoms were sent in pieces. I took time to figure out how to put them all together with the breath deflector. I found it was easier to assemble especially since the new ears were just a tad thinner. Although worrptangl found it easier to install the bottoms without the lens in, I thought the opposite. I guess that is because after working with the others I was a little more used to how they went in? The outcome is on the right.

So I want to thank alpha434 again this product. It's sweet! I have to get some action shots soon. Oh and the new lighter panels are even better! Get some because they make you shoot, run and dodge paint better!
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