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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
Shane-o I have no dog in this fight, purely an intellectual exercise. I can assure you I do not have to do anything besides pay taxes and die. Sponsorship does not require my handing over the keys to my brain and keyboard and you most certainly do not know me well enough to suggest otherwise.
While you may not think I know you, I have read many of your posts about similar threads about your sponsors, and have seen you defend them when given facts to the contrary. If I am wrong then, I apologize. But your statement I highlighted was not spoken as an opinion, when it starts out " The Reality is" does not seem to be an opinion to me, but maybe I am wrong.

Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
I believe we were asked for our thoughts on this and I believe I expressed them in a forthright manner. If you take umbrage with my statement might I suggest you do your part and either spend some money to reverse their dire financial situation, put me on your ignore list, or click the x at the upper right or left sides of your screen as I can assure you I shall continue to post in accordance with the rules of this site, which I am pretty sure my last as well as current posts fall well within
Like I said above, opinions are fine, but I recall having read alot of your posts that read as fact, and unfounded "Facts" as it were. If I am totally off base then again, I apologize. The fact is though, your crying foul for a person who has done worse to others in this industry (and will do the same if given the chance), and that just seems kinda wrong, to me.
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