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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
Shane-o I'm not in the habit of posting b.s. If I have information contrary to popular public opinion or sticks in your particular craw I'm sorry, but I comment on things I know or have been related to me or have first hand knowledge of. It is what it is. Do I perk up when something relates to companies I do business with, sure I do, as it is relevant to my interest and I do not think I am unique in that regard. Have I stood in front of the troll bus of spurious fact when a bunch of people on here where high fiving and rubbing their horns together spouting nonsense they read and were reposting from other forums? Absolutely. Does that piss people off? Sure it does. I am a dealer for Valken, GOG, CCM, CCI and a whole host of other companies and products. I count the owners of a few major fields and a producers amongst my personal friends as well as a whole host of industry players and owners. I have done business with most of the major companies in the sport today and am privy to lots of different things. Sometimes, I know more, sometimes I get given bad info, or developing info that changes. I relay what I can when I can and try to correct things I know to be incorrect. I am only human and that is the one caveat you and the others here are just going to have to live with and only because I have to live with it too. If I ever become a god you all will be the first to know.
LOL we are talking about similar things here. You speak up when the "Facts" are not what you know them to be, and I usually do the same. So when you post a "Fact" like you did I called BS. Sorry it came off as very personal, it was meant to be more like "Come on dude seriously?" not a personal attack. For that I do apologize. But it is a discussion and people will disagree, so heres my take. Do you have proof other than forum postings about how PSP is in collusion with Kee and Procaps to keep Valken out of their league at all costs? This is what your post said to me, correct me if I am wrong on that.

OR in other words

Back up your assertion!

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