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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Sorry I spelled your name wrong. There is no legal difference between EMR and PSP. They both are paintball businesses that run a recognized series of events. They have a right to choose who they do business with and to charge whatever they feel the market will bear. Nobody has to attend PSP events or EMR events. Every player has to make up their own mind on whether they feel the structure/cost of the event has value to them. Any team that does not want to play in PSP events because they can't use Valken paint, or because they feel the paint costs are too high, is certainly entitled to not attend. It doesn't matter why PSP chooses not to do business with Valken, heck, maybe Youngblood thinks Gino is ugly and his momma dresses him funny; still PSP's choice and no amount of Sherman sabre rattling changes that.
This is not accurate. As PSP is not acutally buying and selling hte product a valid argument can be made that they are engaging in horizontal price fixing between competitors in violation of the Sherman anti-trust laws. Your analogy is flawed.
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