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Originally Posted by Shane-O View Post
LOL we are talking about similar things here. You speak up when the "Facts" are not what you know them to be, and I usually do the same. So when you post a "Fact" like you did I called BS. Sorry it came off as very personal, it was meant to be more like "Come on dude seriously?" not a personal attack. For that I do apologize. But it is a discussion and people will disagree, so heres my take. Do you have proof other than forum postings about how PSP is in collusion with Kee and Procaps to keep Valken out of their league at all costs? This is what your post said to me, correct me if I am wrong on that.

OR in other words

Back up your assertion!

I have Lanes disingenuous response on Propaintball, as well as the fact that Valken's paint sponsorship being refused, something that has never happened in 20 years of Tournament paintball. You have to understand that these actions are so off the wall, which is why their has been much hand wringing and teeth gnashing. These actions are pretty much in response to the amount of play Valken is getting in the field with retail accounts and field operators. They are doing big business and signing a lot of operations up. This move is an attempt to block them out of the sales environment at PSP by making it so that Field Operators who bring their teams to the events are forced to deal with KEE/ DXS on terms in order to get favorable paint service at National Events in contravention of sales agreements they may have with Valken. This is a big picture tactic and you need to be pulled back from the leagues action to see the full impact of it on the marketplace.

Lohman thank you for explaining to Tarakian the concept and how they are different, I thought I did a pretty good job the first go round but obviously I was mistaken.

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