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Originally Posted by drg View Post
The attitude that it's no big deal to up and leave and find another job is young and naive. The older you get, the more you have at stake and the scarier that proposition is. And the older and more experience you get, the harder it is to find a job that pays commensurately in an economy where the employer grows ever stronger. Young entry level stooges who see no need for benefits, non-tiered pay and job security are the ones in demand.

Among the working class, who retires comfortably with good benefits and cashflow? It's not the people who could not stick with a job for more than a few years at a time, that's for sure.
Unions do take good care of their members. Unfortunately they take such good care of the workers that the company often goes out of business. When workers are paid more than they are worth(and lets face it, some union workers are compensated at college graduate rates for jobs that any McDonald's employee could do) the company cannot sustain their operations due to the workers taking up too much of the bottom line. I'm all for people being paid well and having good benefits but from what I've seen in my town, a Union would rather get the workers a better pay rate and benefit package every 3 years than work with the company to make sure the company is still around in 3 years. A union has never kept a factory from closing and it's jobs from moving to Mexico or China. So, the Union took good care of it's workers while the shop was open but ran the shop out of business or out of town by bargaining for inappropriately high pay rates and rich benefit packages.

I have worked at the same company for 16 years. A union vote was made a few years ago. If we were able to get what the Union promised us if we voted them in, I'd be unemployed right now or working for a competitor at 1/2 my current rate because in the business I'm in, there is no room at the bottom line for union wages and benefits. I'd like to make more money but I can see the big picture and the big picture is that a union cannot make money appear from nowhere and if the union negotiates wages and benefits that strain a struggling company to the breaking point, everyone is out of work. 2 years of great wages and then unemployment or 20 more years of fair wages in a secure job? I'd pick the second one.
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