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Mootho, I see what you're getting at, but it's his own choice of example that clouds his point. That's why I think it's stupid. There are probably HUNDREDS of more plausible and applicable reasons why experienced players should make it a point not to beat up on newbies, to take the most far-fetched of those and revolve your argument around it is self-defeating.

BOS- there are always going to be different degrees of opinion on what constitutes playing fair or not, and when I say "don't beat up on newbies" I don't mean to play easier, simply to limit the equipment advantage. Some people are simply better at the game than others, and we shouldn't seek to limit our skill to make other people feel better. I aim my comments mostly at those players who think it's fun to ramp when they're playing against the inexperienced, or use more than one shot to bunker them.

Losing should only inspire the loser to get better. Getting obliterated repeatedly because of unfair/uneven play is only going to inspire the loser to quit. It's the difference between losing a close game in the final minutes to being down 41-0 in the first quarter with your starting defensive line all on injured reserve.
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