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Well here in Florida is a right to work state...which means employers can run over you any way the want to..Unions in different areas of the country are run differently...I was a Union sheetmetal worker for 12 years before I got hurt..I traveled as a working field supervisor in 17 states and several countries..working on powerplants/nuclear, papermills,drug companies and the such....the education with the union was top notch...four to five years of schooling before you get a journeymans license...yes some older members are behind the times and we take care of them...sometimes old school is the best way to complete a job...sometimes with alittle bit of new school slide in. If it wasn't for the old timers ..we would not be enjoying the livelyhood that feeds our families...just look around in my county and see that the average wage here is $9.00 to $15.00 an hour for non-union..I could not keep my family fed on far as job slackers..they are in the union and in non-union jobs...I for one in the sheetmetal trade now that we busted butt working.
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