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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Don't take this the wrong way man but what the hell have you been reading that is giving you all of these ideas? Whatever it is, stop. It's making you seem like you're turning into a flake. I say that in all seriousness to help you.

Take your lovely new gun out and play with it before you start screwing with it. Watch TF's videos, put a few cases of paint through it, then clean and lube and sweet spot it. You may just find that you like it in stock form. CCM makes a fantastic product.

As far as holding the pump goes, I find that I normally hold onto it when I'm playing against guys that make me work for my elims. When I'm playing walk on I tend to play a lot looser and I'll hold the reg and take slower shots trying to hit harder targets like the mask or pack, etc.

DG, Awesome acquisition! I love the camo guns. I'm honestly struggling with the thought of selling my Camo S6 after I move out of the area. I don't see myself playing nearly as much up there and I'd hate to see it just sit and collect dust...
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