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Originally Posted by longhornjake View Post
Nice job, Voodoo. How deep are those dump pouches?

I've been alternating between different dump pouches, from the large rollup dump pouch, which just seemed to attract more paint from enemy fire than anything else, to the much smaller canteen pouch or small first aid kit pouch as pictured above. I cut a hole in the top of the latter, as the kydex along the sides allows it to fit the height.

Reload procedure (requires 2 hands, but allows for minimal time without ammo in marker):

I am able to pull a loaded mag from the M4 pouch on my left as I'm hitting the mag release into the dump pouch with my Right, then I load the mag with my Left hand into the now empty pistol. As my Left hand is leaving the bottom of the now loaded T8.1 mag, it reaches into the dump pouch and pulls it back to the recently vacated pouch on the left, but now I place it right side up, allowing for a quick reload after popping it with clean barrel swab (shove into mag and twist), or to borrow my bud Richard's term, field mag reloading device, or some such. I then can use one of the capless tubes to reload with my Left hand while still keeping a marker trained for action. Takes a little practice, but works well. Nice economy of movement. Thanks to Richard Kranium for the technique.

Only using my 8.1 for now, though this rig also works for using a limited loadout for my Trracer or one of my TMs with a Taccap. I'll use my Pursuit pods to reload the cut down 10rnd tubes at a break or in a nice bunker. If I'm running pistol only, I don't bother with the tank, remote, or fill whip. But this allows me to run with a sidearm as secondary as well. CO2 are in the BTWO pouch on L breast. R bottom pouch, next to dump, can hold 50rnd pod, 30rnd tacpod or grenade.
First, your pictures aren't coming through for me.

Just measured the pouched to be about 8"-8.5" deep. Just long enough that the magazines are fully into the pouch below the lip.

Like that you have the patience to reload magazines during play. I don't. When I'm out of pre-loaded mags I'm out of paint for that round. Probably not the best way to do it, but it forces me to use the paint and mags I have sparingly.

Are you using dual pistols? or single. If dual what do you do with the second pistol while going through your reload process.
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