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Originally Posted by greezypete View Post
You know , I don't get threads like this. They only start flame wars. I confess I was sucked into this one , but I'm though now. Arguing for the sake of arguing is stupid.

I think I have made my mind up to just leave the mcb community because I don't want to spend time in an on-line forum with people that I wouldn't hang out with , and I guarantee I would NOT hang out with a lot of the people here. I haven't been a member here very long , and I know my leaving isn't going to make a difference so...........

Whether you want to admit it or not , in the small time I have been here there have been several threads posted seemingly with the sole purpose of getting people fighting over the Internet.

I may check the b/s/t section every now and then , but I doubt I just hang out here anymore.

I'm done for a while
I'm sorry to hear that you can dislike people simply because their opinions are different than yours. I don't think anyone in this thread or any other that I can remember has personally attacked anyone for their beliefs on any particular subject. We are all different people, we all come from different places and have different lives. If you can't accept that everyone is different and entitled to their own opinions and beliefs then I think you need to look more closely at the problems you have with this site and the people here to determine where the problems really reside.

If there was no difference in opinion then what would the "General Chat" section be good for?

New Thread: "I like ice cream"

Response: "Me too"
Response: "Me too"
Response: "Me too"
Response: "Me too"

Variety is the spice of life. You don't have to like the opinions and beliefs of the other folks here but you have to recognize that they are just as valid as yours. You'll have a tough time finding a nicer group of people on the internet(even if our opinions all suck).
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