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SO I got the wrong spring from Roack star. I ordered part 13 in the above diagram but they sent me part 12 instead. This is what they said in response to my email:

"I have a call into Tiberius. There are some parts discrepancies depending on what version manual you have. The Spring you received should be in the shape of a V. This is the SPRG54.0. Tiberius said that there was a mistake in the manual you are looking at. The spring you are referring to is the SPRG04 – which is now the ‘rotator return spring’. This is the spring with hooks on either side.

I can get you that spring out no problems, they are cheap but does this sound correct to you? We should have actual pictures of the parts up very soon."

So the rotator return spring is the one I need right? I need part 13 in the above diagram. Thxs
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