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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Did you warn her that a bunch of filthy rude and crude dudes would start asking for things to be made?! I'd be interested in a set of those with tubes on both sides depending on price. Can you wear your normal size glove still?
I don't think she cares who it is as long as their money is good lol. And yes you can still wear regular gloves under them, or over them if you want.

Originally Posted by Salty_Otter View Post
Those are awesome!

@Manning, looks like she knows, they are on her site.

And this thing is absolutely awesome! Post Apocalyptic coat.
Is that you wearing it, Marbo? I see paintball items that just make it look cooler!
No not me in the coat. That was my brothers look when he played.

Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 View Post i have to choose between these and the WTF ones.....
My feedback:

FYI: USPS Flatrate IS the same price when shipping to Alaska...
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