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Havoc II Project

Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
A picatinny rail would be nice. As for the stock, I'd rather have a standard asa machined into the block. Then you could just screw a tank right into it and use it for a stock.
This is a great idea, we could use more like it. I work with Brian at Metadyne Industries and we have started the Havoc II Project. We have redesigned the Original Havoc and made it more robust. We are looking to make the Havoc more modular and more customizable. This is where we need help from the paintball community. We have a few thoughts of options to make available for the Havoc but we want to hear from you. Go to the Metadyne Industries website and click on the Havoc II Project link to be a part of the next Havoc. Over the next couple of weeks we will compile the info you provide and announce the options that will be available with the next production run of the Havoc. Hope to hear from many of you soon.

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