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Originally Posted by Latoolman View Post
Well if this is how you judge us then your very mistaken.... There we're only a handful of contributor's also...

You need to take everything for what it is... Since the internet is so very anonymous people tend to get out of hand with their comments... plus the fact that you can't read emotion or attitude very well..

I think we clearly saw both sides of the fence... People tend to have stronger opinions here because we're a slightly older, dare I say wiser crowd... and maybe people only know of the negative without the possiblilty that maybe just maybe there is good in something, just not for them...

There's are also things called not posting anymore in the current discussion because your not going to persuade anyone to change their minds..

Several of us that have good experiences with union's have stayed in such... Not because of their past but because it fits what we want to do for a living and can survive on the funds generated by doing such...

I don't know why I felt I needed to post this.... Now we have learned our lesson of getting sucked into a no end discussion...

Fu** talking about work........ Let's go grab a beer and play some paintball...
Probably all of us can find something to spin us up here at one time or another. Probably all us have pissed off somebody here, at one time or another with something we typed as well. While a few of us just like to a little more adament about our opinions at times, I don`t think anyone really takes it too personal. Like it was said above if everyone had the same opinion it would be boring. Really MCB discussions go like this:
I like icecream.
I like icecream.
What kind?
No Haagen Daas is better.
Huh? Come again, Turkey Hill rocks.
Here is where it starts to degenerate:
Vanillia is the best.
No chocolate, you commie.
Oh yeah well I like sugar cones.
I like waffle cones.
Then it starts to drift off the subject:
I like coffee with my ice cream.
Me too, what kind?
Me too, I know where I can get some cheap.
Before the thread dies out, everyone has forgotten all about their ice cream.
If meat is murder, I'll have a beer with the murder please.

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