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My Dream ------> Tib owners I want to Play with

So why dont you all come to cali and hang out at my place? We will drive all over the state and hit all the events up. Leave a trail of spent 12 grams wherever we go (no seriosuly, at every resterant, stop, etc leave a spent 12ie on the counter LOL).

Who I want to play with before I die (Tiberius wise at least):

The Great Mr. Smith
The All-knowing Echo
The Longwinded (but dead on) Voodoo
The Tiberius-Most-Loyal Squirrel
The King of Many Setups Pistolz
The Endless Money/Brass Skull
The Silent But Deadly UVHalo

I have to say Tib players are the best mannered most fun ppl I have ever met on forums. Wish you all lived around here. Would be fun to have a regular team to play with that understood about magazines instead of hoppers lol.

My many thanks for your kindnesses and wisdom that has been imparted to me.


My response to everything you just said: o_O

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