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Originally Posted by Drum View Post
I, too, shall attempt prick free communication here... hopefully with more success.

As far as "re-making" the NSG Splatmaster, you'd better be pretty careful about patent infringement. That is a fully registered design and, if you look, you will see that it would be nigh impossible to legally "re-make" one of these without paying for a license to do so.

That said, if you DO decide to attempt this, I can put you in touch with the patent holder. As it happens, the patent holder also has a storage facility that is packed with original Splatmaster parts, from body shells, to all the guts.

Food for thought.

Aw man ....

OK next question is just what is patented ?
Is the patent still good for being so old ?

I don't want to re-make the body in anyway or the looks of it.
What I do want to use is the push forward & slide back firing design.

Crap, this might be over before it begins ...

Drum, if there is a way I might be able to ask the patent hold on this that would be great.

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